Beyond Organic Farming

29 September 2016 - Books

Beyond Organic Farming

How a farming we would like?

There are ongoing intensive discussions around this issue. This discussion often hangs on macroeconomic policies. However from the small peasants to the large-scale farmers and from the urban gardeners to the balcony gardeners it is possible to create common values and methods for farming activities.

In recent years we hear frequently the natural farming of Fukuoka as well as organic farming, ecological farming, permaculture that are affecting agricultural activities more. Based on their agricultural experience Hakan Ozan Erzincanli loop the loop by processing all this nomenclature with examples and show ways of developing cohesive teaching agricultural methods. By assimilating 10 thousand years of Anatolian farming experience with a very good understanding of new methods that been kneaded in various cultures of the world and by opening new horizons to us with stunning solutions Hakan Ozan Erzincanlı, been prepared this first book that designed as a series where the design to let us reading hungrily.
Beyond organic farming, has been released from green policies library because green policies underline the micro in essence. Their concepts are very new. As we read / access in it, a new world in a new perspective opens doors to us in an enthusiastic manner.

The gate which Yeni İnsan Publishing House effort to open is this convivial door.