How It was built?

29 September 2016 - Ecovillage

How It was built?

Everything started at a permaculture seminar. At the seminar break, 4 buddies realized that they want to build an ecovillage together. They kept meeting. It was 2012. At the same year they found a place and rented a house. When it was march, they already bought the land. The called other people to join them. In 4 years 13 more joined. As a collective place today, Earth Ecovillage is 13000 meter square big. It has a sod house, a log cabin and a dome. Ecovillage community is still calling other buddies to join.

How do I join?

Earth Ecovillage is still open for other people to participate. Anyone who joins becomes a partner. Everybody in this community has different expectations from the village. A newcomer can explain their expectations and join up. There is no hierarchy between old timers and newcomers. Most important things are member’s love and effort.


The village is open to visitors. Letting know your arrival date before you take the journey is a must. We have two toilets and a shower. Visitors can stay a day, a week or more it’s up to them. According to how many people are in the village, sometimes rooms are shared with friends. Anyone who wants can bring their tent with them. For current prices please e-mail us.


Earth Ecovillage is a horizontal organization. There is not a manager or anything like that in our village. Every decision is being made in face to face meetings. Generally, every other march we have a meeting for the year comes.


In order to have a sustainability for our village, we adopt 3 things in principal. Eco-tourism, community supported agriculture and courses. Like any other subject, we are also open to ideas about village’s sustainability.